Mustard Spread & Dip

Not your Grandma’s mustard. But, it actually is. Our mustard is the most versatile mustard in the world, offering both dipping and spreading. It’s delicious on a number of foods including this and that.


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Macole Lee Ann Moody

OMG I LOVE THIS SPREAD SO MUCH! I put scout on all my sandwiches and burgers. I have to keep multiple jars of this because running out is not an option.

Nate Davis
Fancy Foods

Sampled at Fancy Foods June 23rd. This is delicious, versatile, and with a red lid easy to spot in the frig.

Frances M.
Instantly nostalgic

I bought it for the look and found I was craving it and started picking a jar almost weekly. Sandwiches but mainly just for snacking and pretzels and entertaining purposes! Unique taste, so good.

Perfect Charcuterie Dip

Scout works so conveniently when I serve my guests a charcuterie board. The jar looks great on its own. The sweet flavor goes well with both meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Love it also as a dip with pretzels.

Jason G
my new secret ingredient for Chicken Burgers

Love the taste!!! I typically use it as a dip for parties when watching games. But I recently tried Scout as the secret ingredient when making homemade chicken burgers. And it was a hit at my weekend family BBQ.

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